MixTape Singapore Salvadore

by Salvadore Singapore

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Mixtape between Singapore Sling Tapes (Moscow, Russia) and Salvador Records, released on cassette and CD. Side A belongs to Singapore Sling Tapes and contains stuff by Zach Philips, Onyx Kers Spel, Piper Spray, Toblerone Boys, The Spookfish, Def Love, Marcus Rubio and Erasurehead. The B-side belongs to the Argentine Dimension and is filled with a mixture of my project The Mystic Refrigerator and the first EP of Sylvian Elson (Good Time For Dynacom + Inesa Navarro).


released March 21, 2014

Singapore Side:
1 Zach Phillips - Pear Photo / Photo Tour / Dakota tour
2 Onyx Kers Spel - Eagle
3 Piper Spray - Telephone
4 Toddler Body - Dimension X Blvd.
5 The Spookfish - black ghost with red eyes
6 Def Love - The Stack
7 Marcus Rubio - Brain Palace
8 Erasurehead - I Think I'm Dyin', Baby

Salvadore Side:
1 Sylvian Elson - Shiny
2 Sylvian Elson - Public Love
3 Sylvian Elson - Nicolas Cage SHOOTING Me in my Dreams
4 Sylvian Elson - El Universo
5 The Mystic Refrigerator - I Have a Cell Phone Made of Tears
6 The Mystic Refrigerator - Dorle Slim
7 The Mystic Refrigerator - Benci
8 The Mystic Refrigerator - Floripondio Touch
9 The Mystic Refrigerator - Bomster



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