Antarctic Home Tape Union

by Antarctic Home Tape Union




released March 25, 2013

Side A:
1.R-boy Classic Antarctic Science 2.Dronning Maud Land 3.Tourism in Antarctica 4.Livingston Island 5.Depression of Continent - Bentley Subglacial Trench 6.Splinter versus Rocksteady 7.Snow Crystal in Eye of Penguin ( live in empty room ) 8.The Illustrated Flora of Antarctica 9.Cryolozavr 10.Alien Garden in Modern Neck 11.Microfauna 12.Scorbsi - A - 759 13.Vostok and Mirnyi 14.Fragment of Ice 15.Belctica 15 16.Signal Minus Help
Side B:
1.Ellsworth Land 2.Laser Сut the Ice 3.Point of Prime Head 4.Nematodes 5.Migration of Cryptopygus 6.Gondwana 7.Superba Alcohol 8.Monograph about Entomology 9.Aute-95 Bright Rags
10.Moubray bay 11.Radio North Mayak 12.Nunataks 13.Amundsen-Scott Station 14.Ross Ice Shelf 15.Volcano, Guarding Way to the South Pole
Total time: 45 min///



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